What is a website without a good structure – especially if it covers architecture, that has a large focus on structure?

Therefore the structure of this website is represented in a small number of categories:

  1. Enterprise Architecture: This is the 30,000 ft level category, that looks at architecture as a discipline and the trends and insights that are evolving over the years.
  2. Architecture Capability Setup: This category includes all kind of articles – large and small – that are relevant to establishing an architecture program. From defining the operating model (processes, roles, etc.) to establishing governance/standards and adoption of the architecture work.
  3. Architecture Development & Analysis: This category covers the “content” perspective of an EA program – building the various views and artifacts, such as processes, and analyze them. Typical use cases here are process improvement, or application rationalization. This content is what most organizations brought to looking into the EA discipline.
  4. Architecture Usage: So you have entered all process, application, data and other information into your repository. Now what? This category contains articles that cover the usage of all these artifacts in a broader context, such as strategy alignment or solution portfolio management.
  5. Architecture Visibility: Creating content for architects is good, but not everyone wants to drill down into the nth level of a repository to find the answer for a question. This category covers all aspects of making architecture consumable for “mere mortals” and other stakeholders … and yes, architects and analysts, too.
  6. Architecture Research & Methodology: EA and BPM have a lot of acronyms (as this sentence states), and not everyone understands what things actually mean, but don’t dare to ask. In addition to this there are developments that bring changes to an architecture program, such as updated standards, disruptive technology, etc. The articles in this category try to shed some light into these items, and aims to “demystify” EA.

The articles can be posted in multiple groups if it makes sense. One example are standards/notations that are relevant for the Architecture Capability Setup category (as part of the standards definition), but also are content of the Architecture Methodology.

In addition to this, the posts are also tagged with free-form tags that logically group things together.